A technology too good
to keep to ourselves

CTF Solar founder Dr. Michael Harr and his team built the world’s first thin film CdTe production facility in the 1990s. Now, CdTe is gaining momentum — thanks to its high efficiency, low capital expenditure, and low production cost per Wp. That translates to higher returns on your solar power plant investment and a fast track to break-even.

CTF Solar CdTe facility in Chengdu, China

Considering the advantages of our CdTe production technology, we have decided to build our own 80 MWp CdTe module factory in Chengdu, China. And thanks to our turnkey production facility design and construction services, you can too.

  • 250 Wp modules at 13 % efficiency
  • 1200 x 1600 x 7 mm modules
  • coating technology by CTF Solar
  • 24/7 operation, 1 production line
  • 65 modules per hour
  • 95 % uptime & 95 % yield
  • factory construction: 12 months
  • zero-emission design

Commission your own CdTe module facility from CTF Solar

CdTe is an exceptional technology to invest in today, with projected efficiencies expected to soon rival silicon modules, but at far lower capital and production costs. CTF Solar designs and constructs turnkey CdTe production facilities including factory buildings, production lines, and all the necessary equipment and services.

  • 100-300 MWp production output
  • CdTe module efficiency roadmap: up to 25 %
  • target production costs: € 0.33 – € 0.37 / Wp

Request CdTe production information

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