On 8 December 2017, the ground-breaking ceremony for the second CdTe solar factory based on technology provided by CTF Solar GmbH took place in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, Hailing  District in China. Two production lines with a total capacity of 200 MWP per year are planned for the 15-hectare site. The city of Taizhou, Hailing  District and CTF Solar’s parent company China Triumph International Engineering Corporation (CTIEC) are jointly funding the project. As with the first CdTe solar factory, the consortium managing the construction of the factory will once again be led by CTIEC and CTF will again be responsible for the production technology as in Chengdu.

CTF Solar had already started the preliminary planning phase in 2016. Practical experiences gained from the construction of the first factory in Chengdu and the latest technical development findings are now being incorporated into this planning process. As in Chengdu, CNBM Optoelectronic Materials Corp. (COM) will be the factory operator.


A further CdTe solar factory of the same size will be built in Handan. The ground-breaking ceremony for this is scheduled for the end of December 2017. Handan is situated in Hebei Province (Beijing) on the border with Henan Province.

The installation of the production facilities in Chengdu may be completed by the end of the year. After this, the manufacturing processes can be set up and put into production in 2018.

With the rapid increase of production capacity from the current level of 100 MWP in Chengdu to the projected total of 500MWP at three locations across China, the CNBM Group is once again emphasising its firm intention to play a leading role in CdTe thin-film solar technology. In the short term, the aim is to expand production capacity to a total of 1 GWP.

For the scientists and engineers at CTF Solar, further upcoming and planned projects will mean an increase in workload over the next few years.

For CTF Solar, these construction projects will ensure a stable and thriving business in the field of CdTe technology. In the future, CTF Solar will concentrate entirely on this business area which offers great potential for the company.