On January 28th, CTF Solar GmbH, represented by our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Bastian Siepchen, and our Vice General Manager, Dr. Ganhua Fu, actively participated in the annual meeting of China Triumph International Engineering Co. (CTIEC) and Bengbu Glass Institute. Over 60 groups presented rapid-fire reports detailing their accomplishments from the previous year and outlining ambitious targets for 2024. Among them, CTF Solar GmbH showcased its progress and aspirations in a succinct 5-minute presentation.

The following day, Dr. Siepchen joined Triumph group’s strategy meeting. The high-level group leaders Mr. Ma, Mr. Zibo Yin and Mr. Peng delivered their insightful speeches that set the tone for the group’s direction in the coming months. A notable highlight of the event was the ceremonial signing of responsibility letters by group leaders, symbolizing their commitment to our collective mission. These events not only fostered collaboration within the Triumph group but also highlighted our dedication to growth and innovation as an organization. CTF Solar GmbH is thankful for the opportunity to exchange insights and ideas that will contribute to our progress.