CTF Solar participated in its first Solarex this year at the Istanbul Expo Center on 7-9 April 2016.

Turkey’s only major solar trade event, the 2016 Solarex Istanbul International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair attracted 216 participants, 161 of them from Turkey and 55 from abroad with 20,153 visitors in attendance. The CTF Solar booth enjoyed a steady stream of visitors. The interest in professional EPC partners with extensive experience in the field is tremendous. There are high quality projects in the market and the interest of investors is unwavering despite regulatory uncertainty.

Turkey’s population is growing rapidly, as is its solar industry. Producers, consumers, government procurement officers, installers, and EPC companies from both Turkey and abroad were present.

CTF Solar had a chance to engage with many of them and remains confident about its business targets in Turkey this year and over the coming years. As such, it’s no surprise that CTF Solar recently opened its first office in Istanbul’s Tarabya neighbourhood.