To take advantage of the ROCs (Renewables Obligation Certificates) bands, CTF Solar has built and commissioned three projects in England and Scotland before the April 1st.

As a co-developer, CTF Solar acquired project rights totalling 13.54 MWp and partnered with Green Hedge (the  developer) and GreenCells, an EPC subcontractor, to build and connect three solar parks. Crystalline module technology from AEG and Huawei inverters were used to maximize yields and returns on the investments. CTF Solar leveraged its extensive grid-scale solar experience to ensure these investments are profitable and will conduct O&M at all three sites. The projects are now open for investment.

Oliver Haller, Director of Solar Parks at CTF Solar, commented, “We continue to work with numerous clients for ground-mounted solar projects in the UK and globally despite the policy changes in the UK. Our most recent projects involve three separate sites in Leicestershire, Fife and Gloucestershire.

They demonstrate CTF Solar’s experience and build quality on utility scale projects and our good relationships with grid operators and communities.”

Dr. Michael Harr, CEO at CTF Solar, commented, “CTF Solar continues to view the UK’s solar industry as a viable market, despite the government’s withdrawal of subsidies there. Likewise, our expansion throughout the rest of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America will also continue.”