From September 25th to 29th the 33rd EU PVSEC (European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition) took place in Amsterdam. This conference is the largest photovoltaics scientific conference in the world with 2516 participants from 65 countries and 1107 presentations. Topics cover concepts for new materials for solar cell applications up to PV economics and markets. Also thin film photovoltaics are covered as general topic.

CTF contributed three poster presentations to the conference including current research topics for process improvement of CdTe based thin film solar cells. Additionally, the production line in Chengdu has been presented on a poster. CTF Solar collaboration partner Fraunhofer Institute for organic electronics, electron beam and plasma technology (FEP) contributed two poster presentations of common research projects.

Among the CdTe solar cell community the activities of CTF Solar arouse large interest as the installation and ramp up of the Chengdu 100 MW production line is one of the largest projects for the installation of CdTe production capacity in the world.

Presentation of Jim Sites (Colorado State University) about global status of CdTe commercial activities